About K9 Brands . . .

I started K9 Brands to help support my Junior Golf activities and to offer stylish, comfortable items that I liked to my friends and family.

Through doing this, I realized that I can not only support my own College goals (playing Golf at a D1 College is not cheap!), but also help me give back to those who are coming up behind me, while also contributing to scholarships in organizations like Tee Divas and Tee Dudes Golf Club (of South Los Angeles), SCGA, U.S. Kids Los Angeles, and The First Tee. My goal is to assist underprivileged or underrepresented kids who have the talent to play this sport, but whose families do not have the sustained financial support to stick through all the costs that come with progressing to advanced levels of Junior Golf and beyond.

Hopefully, through your support of K9 Brands, I can help at least one Junior Golfer strive for his/her goals and achieve their dreams through this sport I love, but hoping to give back to many more juniors along the way.

Uplift. Inspire. Empower.